Women Named Breakfast Their Favorite More Than Twice As Much As Men

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Most people say “breakfast” is the most important meal of the day. It’s the first thing many consume at the start of the day and helps fuel the body after a full night of rest. Curious to this belief, Lightspeed GMI (MySurvey’s parent company) conducted an online survey to see what employees’ meal behaviors were. Results were based among different gender groups and regions.

Employees were asked to select their favorite meal of the day in order of preference, where options included breakfast, lunch and dinner/supper. Results were interesting!

More women than men favored breakfast

From all the meals in the day, 25% of females chose breakfast as their favorite, while only 9% of males chose this option.

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But surprisingly, more men than women favored lunch

14% of males preferred lunch over any other meal, but only 6% of females said lunch was their favorite. As a result, females and males have opposing opinions when it comes to their favorite meals.

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The EMEA and APAC team favored breakfast, while Americans enjoyed their first cup of coffee

When looking at employees regionally, results revealed breakfast to be the second most favorite meal of the day in both EMEA and APAC. While this may be true for 21% of those in EMEA and 26% in APAC, employees in AMS thought differently. 30% of Americans said they enjoyed their first cup of coffee just as much, coming into 2nd place among AMS employees.

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Dinner takes the win across all regions

Despite these differences, dinner seems to be the top pick for all employees globally. 40% or 4 out of 10 people said they enjoy their dinner/supper more than the other meals. But then again, who could ever pass up dinner!

Interesting enough, busy lifestyles are mainly the causes of why people are resorting to eating out. Who would ever have the time to cook with everything that’s going on? It’s just simply easier to eat out. 70% of employees worldwide indicated they’d rather eat dinner/supper out than breakfast and lunch.

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It’s normal for people to have a working lunch

The day and life of a working person can get pretty hectic even inside the office. Because of this, a good amount has indicated to bringing in their lunch for work. In fact, 43% of participants said they bring in their lunch and even eat at their desk.

What happens when your company provides lunch? There are always leftovers that people can quickly snatch and take with them. However, only 5% admitted to taking leftovers from the lunchroom as a regular habit, more specifically men.

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A casual get-together at the beach or a park over anything

When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, a casual get-together at the beach or a park was at the top of the list. Dining in the city’s hottest new restaurant and throwing a party at home both came in second. The least preferred from them all was going to a family’s traditional special occasion place to celebrate.

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Tell us – What’s your favorite meal? How do you usually celebrate a special occasion?

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Posted on Jan 7, 2014 by MySurvey

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