Where should you travel this summer? MySurvey says…

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Wherever you want! Just kidding. But really, you can travel wherever your heart desires. However, we’ll be sharing where some of our members will be going this summer. :)

But anyhow, what exactly do you have in store for the summer? Many, as we would assume, will probably be itching to get away within the next few months. The kids are out of school and the weather is getting warmer. Summer is in the air! Who wouldn’t want to travel?

Our poll does prove traveling will be occurring amongst our members, but more have indicated they’ll be doing so within the U.S. than outside of it, while about a third have said they won’t be traveling at all.

Vacation Results

Why do you think many won’t be traveling outside the U.S.? Perhaps time and money are what prevent people from traveling afar, but one study did find that Americans fail to use 429 million vacation days and with those days $160 billion in economic opportunity is lost. Make sure to use up those vacation days for those who are in the workplace!

We may not know the exact reason why many aren’t traveling out of country, but with ample time and coordination, your dream destination can become a reality! A little saving here and there along with breaking down the planning process can come a long way. :)

Take a look at how many of our members will be traveling abroad. The numbers are quite low, but Europe seems to be the most common continent from the three listed. Which would you rather embark a journey on?

Vacation Continue

No matter where you end up traveling this summer, how long will you be away? Days, weeks or maybe even months? For those who don’t have a job or are retired, the luxury of having endless vacation days is great! However, for those who are in the workplace, vacation is so limited.

After asking members, the majority said 4-7 days, followed by 1-3 days. Not very much considering travel time may take up to hours or even a day or two, depending on where your destination is. We would say the ideal should be anywhere from 7-10 days, but of course this is dependent on each individual’s circumstances.

Vacation days

Below are a few suggestions for vacation ideas if you’re still having trouble…both within and outside the U.S. :)

13 Best Summer Vacations

  • 1. Maui, Hawaii
  • 2. Paris, France
  • 3. Nice, France
  • 4. Fiji
  • 5. Mykonos, Greece
  • 6. San Francisco, California
  • 7. Barcelona, Spain
  • 8. Cusco, Peru
  • 9. Montreal, Canada
  • 10. Yellowstone, Wyoming
  • 11. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 12. Chicago, Illinois
  • 13. Munich, Germany


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Posted on June 25th, 2015 by MySurvey

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