What are your plans for July 4th?

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We think of today as the day our country became an independent nation! How will you celebrate?

Will you be attending a barbeque? Throwing a party? Hanging at the beach? Or just simply relaxing? For most Americans, today is just another day for fun festivities and celebrations, but for all of us we can agree it’s most definitely a day to show off our American pride. Let’s not forget why today is even a holiday!

We asked our fellow MySurvey members more about the kinds of activities and fun they’ll be engaging today and these are the results that came back to us.

“Nothing, staying at home” is the main plan for 4th of July

After polling several members on the MySurvey website, about 38% indicated having no plans for 4th of July, while only 14% said they’ll be hosting a BBQ. Wouldn’t you have thought the opposite to be true? Looks like many of our members just want to relax on this nice long weekend. Who’s to blame? We all deserve a break once in a while. :)

Independence Day 2014 plans by surveys

However, when breaking it down even further, it seems as if more women will be attending someone else’s BBQ or going to the beach, while more men will be hosting a BBQ themselves or not even end up doing anything but stay at home. Are women just more social than men or could it be something else?

Independence Day 2014 plans breakdown by survey result

At the end of the day when it comes to either hosting a BBQ or actually attending one, we all know which one is clearly the winner. It’s much easier going to a family member’s or friend’s BBQ rather than organizing one. This is especially true when you don’t have to worry about the food situation – the best part from an invitee’s perspective, besides the booze!

Hamburgers are most favorited at 4th of July outings

Now when it comes to grilling, hamburgers seem to be the number one choice for 4th of July outings. The next best thing is ribs followed by steak, chicken and hot dogs. Which is your top pick?

Watching fireworks from home is the most popular choice

When it comes to the most exciting activities on 4th of July, fireworks seem to top it off. It’s probably the only way to end this day of celebration! However, watching fireworks from home seem to be the most popular choice in terms of where. Around 42% said they’ll watch either from their house or at a family member’s or friend’s house. Around 17% indicated they’ll be watching fireworks at the park and 6% would choose to watch it from the beach. But 23% of them said they’re not going to watch fireworks. Hey, what’s more exciting than watching fireworks with your loved ones? Guess they’re seriously busy with something else. :)

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Posted on July 4, 2014 by MySurvey

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