Have you prepared your Father’s Day Gift yet?

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It’s already mid-June and you know what that means? Yes, pool parties, BBQs and other fun-filled summer activities. However, let’s not forget it’s also that time of year we dedicate a day to our old man.

Father’s Day falls on June 15th this year so really you only have about a week to find the perfect gift for dad. No idea what the perfect gift is? Well, maybe you’ll find some of this information useful. :)

Survey reveals gift cards is the most popular Father’s Day gift

After polling about 23,000 plus members on our MySurvey website, 10.5% said they’ll be getting gift cards for dad. Don’t take this the wrong way – gift cards may seem like the easiest route, but selecting the right gift card is quite the task! Maybe one to his favorite electronics store or even sporting goods shop. Whatever he loves most, try to match up the store to it.

Surprisingly, more than half of the participants say they are not getting anything for their dads

Other MySurvey members, however, had a different take. Nearly 4.1% indicated they’d be buying home improvement and gardening tools for their fathers, while there was an even split of 1.6% between electronic gadgets and tickets to a sporting event. Surprising? Well, what if we told you that more than half of our members indicated not getting anything for their dads? Guess many won’t be receiving that best daughter/son award this year. :(

Father's Day Buying Gift

Planning to spend less or more this year on Father’s Day?

Let’s remember this gift isn’t just to anyone. Does this mean we should go all out in terms of spending? For 5.7% of members, yes that’s the answer – they’ll be spending more this year on Father’s Day, but for majority of members they’ll be spending about the same this year. Spending more doesn’t necessarily make for better gifts. Sometimes even the simplest and less expensive gifts can really make a big difference. After all, we are celebrating in appreciation of our father. So, make sure it’s really something he’d love or find meaningful.

Buying in-store is still the majority choice

Now besides getting the right gift for dad, the question is how you’ll get this gift. For many of our members, buying directly from the store is the way to go. About 28.5% said they’ll be buying in-store as opposed to the 7.2% who’ll be buying online. But who doesn’t like doing a little bit of both? 8.7% of members said they’ll be doing a combination of both in-store and online shopping. The more options, the better. Which do you prefer – physically being able to pick and choose or virtually just clicking away?

Father's Day Gift

So remember, go out and buy your Father’s Day if you haven’t done so already! MySurvey members said they’ll be spending the same amount this year, purchasing gift cards and buying in-store. Not that our members don’t have a clue on things like these. :)

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Posted on June 6, 2014 by MySurvey

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