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Last Update: August 31, 2016

Lightspeed, LLC (“Lightspeed”), operator of MySurvey, is committed to safeguarding your privacy online.

This page discloses the privacy practices of the website. If you arrived at this page via one of our cobranded partner sites, please be assured that the privacy policy that you see here is in effect for all panel members regardless of how they are directed to our registration form.

(NOTE: We use the term "cobranded" to mean that an unaffiliated partner sites' logo or in some cases, a masthead that looks similar to the partner site appears on the website pages in order to give the user a sense of continuity. However, only collects information on pages; the ways in which we use this information and protect your privacy are described below.)

Our data storage servers are located in the United States of America and by third party service providers in the cloud. By participating in the panel, you specifically agree that may transfer to and store your personal information in the USA and to such third party service providers wherever they might locate their servers.

Our Privacy Pledge
When you participate as a panel member, we want you to be aware of our privacy practices:

  • Except as described in this privacy policy, we will not make any personal identifying information of our panel members available to anyone without your knowledge (as described in this policy), except in the rare instances required by law. This includes your name, postal service address, phone number, and email address.
  • We will never try to sell you anything - that is not our business. We will never sell your name to anyone else who might want to use your name to directly sell you anything.
  • Occasionally, we may contact you to validate responses. We will never misrepresent ourselves or what we are doing.
  • Your individual responses to surveys will also be kept confidential and will never be linked to your personal identifying information.
  • Your decisions about participating in a study, responding to specific questions, or discontinuing participation will be respected without question.
How Information Is Used:
The Information We Collect and How We Use It

When you register as a panel member, we collect the following personal identifying information: your name, postal service address, email address, and phone number.

We use your name and email address to let you know about opportunities to take surveys, to provide new updates about that may be of interest to our panelists, to enter you automatically into the sweepstakes program, and to inform you about special programs and benefits we are offering to our panel members (such as special gifts or incentives or our sweepstakes program). Generally, panel members are notified about an opportunity to take a survey several times per month. We also send brief emails to our interactive panel members several times a year to provide information of interest and to express our appreciation for their participation.

We use postal service addresses to mail free gifts offered to panel members, prizes to sweepstakes winners, products to test, and cash or merchandise that you redeem with your Reward Points. Products to test, cash prizes and cash redemptions may be mailed directly to panel members by the team and thus do not require sharing of your name and address with outside parties. However, your name, postal service address and email address may also be shared with reward suppliers when you redeem your Reward Points so they can ship to you directly. Occasionally, we ask our interactive panel members if they would be willing to take certain special paper and pencil surveys. We ask your permission prior to mailing such surveys as well as providing information about the benefits of taking such a survey. On average, panelists receive a request to take such surveys through the U.S. mail no more than one time per year.

We use phone numbers to notify sweepstakes program winners who have not responded to an email. We also call panel members in response to their request for a return call to answer a question or address any concerns. On rare occasions, we call panelists to validate survey responses. Most interactive panel members are never contacted via phone. asks sweepstakes prize winners if we can post their first name and last initial (or just their initials) along with home town location on the Winners' page of the website. We post names only after permission is granted and respect any winners' requests that their names not be publicized. frequently asks panel members for demographic information (e.g., age, gender, household composition, etc.), computer and web access capabilities, and lifestyle information (e.g., types of vehicles owned or business/recreational travel, etc.). uses this information to select surveys that are appropriate for the panel member (or a member of the panelist's household). For example, a survey related to satisfaction with stays at various hotel chains might be sent only to those panelists who indicate a certain frequency of travel. We sometimes use birth date information to send birthday greetings to our panel members. asks panel members for their opinions about a variety of products and services by asking them to complete surveys via email or at the website. Usually, combines the individual panelist responses and reports on the aggregated (or group) results. Individual level responses are occasionally used, but in general not associated with any personal identifying information without your explicit consent. may occasionally ask for personal identifying information as part of a specific survey. In these cases, we will provide an explanation in the survey introduction to allow panel members to make an informed decision about participation. The explanation will include a description of any new personal identifying information that will be collected via the survey and with whom it will be shared. As with any survey, members can decline to take the survey or stop at any time during the survey process. Like all other information we collect, any personal identifying information collected for a specific survey will be used for research purposes only.

From time to time, we may share some of your personal identifying information and profiling data with third party service providers to provide limited services on our behalf such as producing research products and services as described below:

Data Matching Services: We utilize matching services such as Acxiom or Experian to acquire additional information about you from public and private data sources or use your personal identifying information as an aid to develop additional or new types of non-personal identifying information. The matching service (our vendor) holds the personal identifying information we share with them for a short time, uses it to assemble the additional information, and then returns the combined information to us or the non-personal identifying information to other parties. Vendors are not authorized to keep the data we share with them or use it in any way other than for the mentioned purpose.

Affiliated Network: We are part of the Kantar Group of companies and may share personal identifying information with affiliates within the Kantar Group in order to develop our products and services. Such affiliates are not permitted to retain the shared data for their own or independent use without the agreement of Lightspeed and may not retain the shared data for any longer than required to complete the project or process.

Advertising Targeting / Media Buying Research: – We may use your personal identifying information to match selected data we collect on you through profile building or participating in research surveys with third-party data management platforms. This match will be done to create better online advertising models through lookalike modelling or similar research methodologies to improve other data. Your MySurvey individual profile will not be used to directly determine the online advertising you may see.

Ad Exposure and Measurement: In addition to cookie-based matching you can control via your panel account, we may use personal data you provide us like email address in a direct matching process with clients / partners to conclude if you are a user of that service (such as social networks, websites, mobile apps) for an advertising measurement research purpose. We will identify what advertisements you may have been exposed to on those sites and platforms and measure brand attitudes, sales impact or brand recall.

Service Providers: We may use third party service providers to help us process the data that you provide or is collected from you, or to operate our business. From time to time, we may add or remove third party service providers in the normal course of business. Third party service providers are not authorized to retain your personal identifying information for their own or independent use and they may not retain your personal identifying information for any longer than required to perform the mentioned service. also automatically collects information via log files to administer the site and to aid in technical problem solving. Log file information collected is IP address, time a page was viewed, name of pages viewed within the site during the specific visit, browser type, URL parameters, and cookies that were set by the website at the time of the visit. Log files may also include information indicating where a visitor came from. This information is used only to administer the site and to identify and resolve any technical problems related to the site's operation.

When you participate in the Refer-a-Friend Program we ask for your friend's first name and email address. The first name is used in the greeting to personalize the message and the email address is needed to deliver it to your friend. Both pieces of information are only stored long enough to make sure the email was sent without difficulty and never used for any other purpose. Participation in the referral program, like all aspects of membership, is completely voluntary.

This website has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Panel member names, postal service addresses, and phone numbers are maintained on a secured database accessible only by Lightspeed staff. Panel members may also access their own information for the purposes of verifying and updating, but they cannot view other members' information. As with any Internet endeavor, absolute security of information transmitted through channels (communication networks, hardware, software) not directly operated or controlled by us cannot be guaranteed.

In the event we or our affiliates experience a merger, acquisition, sale or other transaction pursuant to which this website is acquired by a third party or another affiliate, your personal identifying information may be disclosed to the third party or affiliate both before and after the transaction, for the sole purpose of facilitating and effecting that transaction. In the event a transaction is consummated, you will be notified of the transaction via email and/or through a notice on our website, and custody of your personal identifying information will be transferred subject to all the terms and restrictions in this privacy policy.

Updating Your Personal Information:
Policies on Correcting/Updating Personal Identifying Information relies on panel members themselves to provide any updates to personal identifying information. Members may update email addresses, password, postal service address, phone number as well as name of the person who initially registered by going to the Update Your Info section of this website (available to members only). Please ensure that you change your password regularly to optimize the security of your account. For changes to any other personal identifying information, including email address, panel members are asked to contact via the HelpCenter area, on the website. may also exchange information with our partner sites for the member's benefit and with the member's knowledge (in accordance with this privacy policy). These benefits include opportunities to earn additional rewards on the partner site and/or to eliminate advertising to those who are already members. The information exchanged will be the member ID and/or email address (the minimum information needed to provide the benefit). We require our partner sites sign a written, legally binding agreement stipulating they will not share your individual identifying information and that it is to be used solely for the purpose of providing you with additional rewards and to eliminate redundant advertising.

Opt-Out Policy:
Your Decision Not To Participate

Panel members may decline to respond to a survey or opt to drop interactive panel membership at any time. Panelists who prefer not to complete a given survey need not do so.

Panelists who would like to withdraw their membership from the panel may do so at any time on the Site. Panelists may withdraw membership by clicking on the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the My Profile page in the member area of the site. We will process all unsubscribe requests within 10 business days of receipt and usually within 48 hours of receipt.

Upon receipt of the drop request, may ask you to complete brief survey about the reason(s) for discontinuing membership. This survey is optional and does not involve any additional email; any results will help us improve panel members' experience. Thereafter, will stop sending survey notifications. However, the panel member will continue to be entered in the sweepstakes drawing for the contest period in which participation was suspended unless the panelist requests otherwise. Following the sweepstakes drawing and any relevant winner notification, no further contact will occur.

Use of Cookies:
How We Use Cookies and Other Technologies on Our Website uses cookies on our registration and survey forms during the time you are actively completing the forms. These cookies (which may be flash-based cookies or local shared objects) are used solely for technical purposes to allow for accurate transmission of survey information to the database and to ensure that a member does not take the same survey more than once. For longer surveys, we use cookies to make form completion more convenient for the panelist. They allow for completion of the form in more than one sitting; you take up where you left off rather than starting from the beginning again. also uses cookies on the member area of the site to store email address automatically and password (optionally) so that the user does not have to repeatedly retype the information. For users' convenience, this cookie is stored for subsequent sessions. Member area cookies are also used to identify valid members in order to protect access to their specific member information (such as rewards account information) and to personalize their experience on the site. The web server also creates cookies to uniquely identify each user session when a member visits the site. This latter cookie is automatically deleted at the end of a session. also uses cookies, including Flash cookies, for advertising research purposes by keeping track of some of the types of online advertisements that you see on the websites that you visit, as well as the number of times that you see those ads.

No personal identifying information is stored on any cookie nor do we retain any information from cookies on our databases.

Because cookies are used to identify valid members to protect access to their specific member information and to personalize their member experience, users who choose not to allow cookies cannot register nor can they access the member area of the website with its associated member benefits (e.g., taking surveys, earning reward points and redeeming rewards). Members may choose, however, not to receive the cookies that we use for advertising research purposes by adjusting their cookies preferences directly on

Occasionally, we employ technology to provide security of images displayed in our surveys. A script embedded in certain pages displaying images overwrites information located on your computer's clipboard when you are on that page. The script is used very infrequently and only for certain images that are presented. Please be assured that any information you may have copied to your clipboard is not captured or read; rather, it is overwritten with blank data. We advise you to paste any information that you have cut or copied to your clipboard before you log in to take a survey.

Notification Of Changes:
How We Notify You About Changes to Our Privacy Policy

If we are going to use your personal identifying information in a manner different from that stated in our privacy policy at the time of collection, we will notify you via email. You will have a choice as to whether or not we use your information in this different manner; instructions for how to make that choice will be included in the email. If we make any material changes to our privacy practices that do not affect user information already stored in our database, we will post a prominent notice on our website notifying our members that there is a change and pointing them to the revised privacy page.

Privacy Policies Used In 3rd Party Surveys

We conduct studies with partner companies on the partner's website, which may operate under a different privacy policy. Like all our other studies, participation in these studies is completely voluntary and informed. We notify select members about these research opportunities and provide a complete description of what is involved and any member benefits. In all these cases, we will explicitly state if the privacy policy in operation for the study is the privacy policy or a different policy. As necessary, we will provide a link to the partner's privacy policy or to the policy pertaining to the particular study. This information will be available at the beginning of the survey and consent will be asked from panel members.

How to Reach Us:
How to Contact Us About Your Privacy Concerns

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to the Data Privacy Officer.

  • via email - Click here to email us.
  • via regular mail directed to:

    Data Privacy Officer
    One Seagate, Suite 1450
    Toledo, Ohio 43604

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